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Water Features

Water is an ideal way of adding an extra dimension to your garden, whether as a separate feature or used in conjunction with other elements in the garden.
We can give you a full detailed design on any water feature.



Styles of Water Features

We can construct any waterfall from a man made interlocking system to Niagara Falls using a variety of natural stone and rocks. Why not enhance that tranquil setting by including the use of surface and underwater lighting? Running water in the right setting creates a relaxing atmosphere in any garden. Living Landscapes are the water feature experts.

We can install every range of water feature to suit every individual taste from:

  • A small bubbling pebble pool feature to giant drilled natural monolith stones
  • Small ornamental pond to a spectacular koi carp feature
  • A small natural pool to lake superior
With ponds and ornamental systems we supply and fit the following:
  • A wide range of filtration systems with or without a vortex. Gravity or pump fed.
  • Vegetable filters.
  • Ultra violet lamps
  • Submersible or surface pumps.
  • Venturi systems
  • Magnetic fields to alter the polarity of the water.
  • A vast variety of water plants to suit every feature.


The term formal generally refers to geometrically shaped containers, ponds or channels used as water features. Formal ponds are best used when a small feature is required. They can be used as a reflective surface, mirroring other features in the garden, or simply to house or accentuate a fountain or sculpture. When using fountains ensure that they are in proportion with surrounding features, including the pond. Formal features need not be deep, therefore they are ideal for families with young children.


Informal water features generally require space to be successful. The term generally refers to water features that are trying to recreate a natural pond. Planting, both in and around the margins, are an important aspect of an informal water feature as is the use of boulders and aggregates. Generally random in both shape and depth, informal pools are ideal where wildlife interest is of maximum importance. Remember, when keeping fish ensure that the pond is at least 2 (600mm) deep, and even deeper for larger species of fish.

Water features

Water features come in many forms. From ponds to streams, waterfalls to fountains, the only limit to the complexity of your water feature (budget and space aside) is your imagination.

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