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Sports Fields

We can carry out top dressing, overseeding, spraying, spiking, turfing and seeding, astro pitches – sanding and brushing.


sports fields


It is best to sow grass seed in warm, moist conditions so that the seeds will germinate and establish quickly. Early autumn is ideal, spring sowing gives your lawn seeds more competition from weeds. Avoid sowing in summer - even if you can water or have irrigations, young grass seedlings will suffer in hot conditions - wilting or dying. It will usually take a complete cycle of seasons before your lawn from seed is fully up to heavy wear and tear. The rate at which you sow grass seeds will vary according to the mixture or species.  Here at H L MILLS we will advise you on the best natural course for your garden.



Creating a new lawn from seed is a lot cheaper than laying turf. And you can choose exactly the type of seed mixture you want for your new lawn.

sports field

sport field

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