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Order turf now

The weather is starting to cool down as we approach autumn. Conditions are perfect for laying a new lawn. Order your turf to arrive on the day you intend to lay it and use a pre-turfing fertiliser.
Laying a new lawn requires some preparation; however a well laid lawn has impact and creates a centrepiece for the whole garden and a safe play area for children.
Our professional lawn laying and turfing services will provide you with a great looking and hard wearing lawn.
Cultivated turf allows you to enjoy a lawn of instant beauty and maturity without the inconvenience and time consuming problems of seeding.
In order to guarantee that the turf that you buy is of the highest quality you should purchase from a member of H L MILLS which has a quality assurance policy.
To ensure the best results and a quality finish to your new lawn the following steps should be carried out.

Please remember, turf is a mass of living plants and a certain amount of care and maintenance will be required to ensure it grows to its full potential.



Here at H L MILLS we pride ourselves on our long and established history working all over the South West.

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