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Factory & University

Here at H L MILLS we offer a very competitive price for services rendered,
brusing of car parks, weed control, litter picking and spraying, grass cutting and mulching of beds.


Services include

  • Grass cutting and management
  • Sports field construction
  • Sports fields maintenance
  • Fine turf management
  • Moss/ Weed control
  • Hard surface cleansing
  • Leaf and litter control
  • Hedge and shrub bed management
  • Salting and gritting
  • Arboriculture work

Shrub tree planting &mulching

Sometimes newly planted trees and shrubs fail to establish. Although they may show some signs of new growth, often there is a gradual deterioration of the plant during the first or second growing seasons. Symptoms include poor growth, foliage discoloration and early leaf drop, and sometimes the plant just suddenly dies. Upon inspection of the roots, it is unlikely you will see a healthy, fibrous root system.

The first step to successful establishment is to try and ensure all planting is done by April and start with a healthy, well-grown plant.

sports field

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